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Peace Pillow Connect™ Medium/Soft. Contoured Memory foam pillow with the unique Connect™ pad.

Peace Pillow Connect $90.00
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North Island only $10.00 freight.

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- The raised leading edge allows your shoulder/s to slide under the pillow, enabling it to tuck in and follow the natural curves of your neck.

- Effective support makes good sleep posture comfortable, allowing you to sleep better for longer. Correct sleep posture also lets the soft tissues around the spine relax and avoids the tension (caused by twisting) that restricts nourishing circulation while you sleep. This in turn can cause (or worsen) fatigue, soreness and stiffness in the neck and back.

- The Connect™ pad (included) fits inside a standard pillow case making the pillow deeper and therefore suitable for those with broader shoulders.

Peace Pillow Connect Dimensions: 600mmx320x120 (140 with Connect pad)

Designed by NZ Osteopath Elaine Bennett.